A quick Unity game for the Idle Thumbs Winter Wizard Jam 2015. Climb aboard Krampus' Sleigh and cruise the streets of a suburban town, seeking out kids who've been naughty. Unleash your Kramplings to go get your targets, while you fight off inflatable lawn Santas and evil snowmen.

It's pretty crude I'll admit, more of a proof-of-concept than a fully developed game.


arrow keys for direction

left shift key to shoot yellow snowballs

space bar to land and take off


Find the glowing landing spot in front of a target's house

Land on the spot to unleash your Kramplings- with any luck, they will run into the house and emerge with a naughty child

Land again on the spot- if fortune smiles on you, the Kramplings will carry the child into your Sleigh.

Don't die. Seriously, the game doesn't restart when you die, so you'll need to reload the page

Things I ran out of time for:

Oh, so many things...

Most of the audio never made it in

More enemies are desperately needed- and they need to respawn

Title screens and instructions would've been nice

In my original plan, the enemies would target your Kramplings when they were returning with a kid- if they killed the Kramplings, the kid would hop back into their house and escape. I was just about to implement that when time ran out

Things I learned

I've never messed with Unity NavMesh before- I think I've got a ways to go before I can claim mastery (my Kramplings occasionally wander off into nowhere), but I see the potential there.

Normal Maps were always something that intimidated me- turns out they're not so bad!

Still, it was great fun to put this together, and it was cool to see how much I could get accomplished in two weeks

Tools I Used

Unity, AC3D and Sculptris for modelling and UV mapping, Photoshop for texture mapping. Music was composed by me in Garage Band, and edited in Sound Studio

Resources Used

Source texture maps from Textures.com